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United but Distinct



Our Vision:  “A world where people respect and have a better understanding of each other”

Our Mission: “To promote and inspire awareness of our connectedness”

A World of Cultural Information at Your Fingertips
Foreign Travel • Educational Workshops

Discover new cultures through travel, arts, and workshops at Pamoja International Cultural Exchange Inc. Since 1982 we, along with founder Florence Patterson, have promoted and shared information with people about the various and unique cultures with hopes of fostering respect, understanding and bridging the gap between different cultures and generations around the world. Contact our non-profit organization headquarters in Brasher Falls, New York, to learn diverse cultural information through foreign travel and educational workshops.

How You Can Help
We are a completely volunteer-powered organization, and your expertise in the field of cultural diversity can help our organization grow. We happily accept tax-deductible donations online via credit cards as well as checks or money orders made payable to PICEI. All funds are used for our awards program, operational cost and directly towards our projects, that enable us to present the Cultural Seminars and Gatherings.

Call or e-mail us for cultural information that promotes sharing knowledge
and concern for all of humanity with dignity and integrity.





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Pamoja International Cultural Exchange Inc.

Hours of Operation:
Monday-Friday, 10 a.m.-4 p.m.  

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